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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Wife

Valentines Day Crafts : Valentines Day being a festival of love and affection, needs to be celebrated with a lot of love by the people for their partners of love or the ones who they are in the relationship with. People, generally prefer to go for expensive gifts and expensive Valentines Day Gifts ideas. But I personally recommend celebrating this Valentine’s Day, more with love, then with money. The true feeling of love is never depicted by the amount of money you spend for your love, but by the feelings you have in your hearts for them and that is where the idea of creating Valentine Day Crafts comes into play.

So, this is the reason why this article is meant to provide you with the latest Unique Valentines Day Crafts Ideas and the ones which are most likely to be liked by the one you do all the efforts for, by applying our ideas of Valentines Day Craft for wishing your friends and lovers a very  Happy Valentines Day 2020

Valentines Day Crafts for Husband
Valentines Day Crafts for Husband

Happy Valentines Day Craft Ideas | Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers, Kids, Adults And Lovers

Who doesn’t love to see a shimmering and smiling face of his/ her lover, especially, on a very special day? These innovative craft ideas would allow you to make a craft effortlessly just for your lover. He/ she would love the gift and cherish the day as the gift, wrapped up in love and warmth, comes along with your special touch.

Some of the easy homemade crafts and projects include Valentine’s Day Crafts for Lovers, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers, Valentines Day Crafts for Kids, Unique Valentine Day Crafts for Adults, Valentines Day Crafts for Preschoolers are given below. For some crafts, we are providing the procedure to make the best craft or the details of required materials for the latest craft. It may definitely help you to make the valentine’s day homemade crafts.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Wife
Valentine’s Day Crafts for Wife
Funny Valentine’s Day Crafts
Funny Valentine’s Day Crafts

Best & Simple Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

1) Candy Kebabs:


  • Variety of soft/gummy themed candies
  • bamboo skewers
  • clear bags
  • ribbon

2) Beed Jewelry:


  • 38 pieces of 4mm Crystal, Pearl or Beads
  • Nylon fishing line or any other beading thread.


  • Cut a piece of line, add 4 crystals in the middle of this thread, cross the other end of the thread through the last added crystal (making a square shape). Now you will realize you are working with two thread, add one crystal to each side of the thread and add one more crossing both thread through this crystal. Tie a knot to tighten but do not cut off the thread. This too will give a great Valentines Day Crafts.
  • Now leave one thread and work on the other first.
  • Use the right thread, pick up 4 crystals, and loop the thread back through the crystal from step 1 as shown in the picture on the right by the blue line.
  • Continue by adding 2 more crystals and looping back through the crystal on top – as shown in the picture on the right. (remember to pull tight)
  • Repeat this for the left side of the thread too.
  • Loop each end of the thread back through the crystals on the rim of the heart shape and when they meet again in the center, tie a knot, loop the excess threads back through the beaded heart in any way you like – this is to hide the thread – then cut off any excess.
  • Now you should get a heart shape, but you may notice that it might be a bit crumpled, well that’s why you need to make another exact heart shape by repeating step 1 and 2.
  • Now to join the two hearts together (how romantic huh)
  • Cut a new piece of thread and start by passing each end of the thread through the same adjoining crystal of the two heart shape.
  • Criss-crossing as you tie the two piece of heart shape together, go all the way around the rim of the heart. If you want to add a pendant hook, remember to add it at the middle of the heart shown in step 5.
  • Tie off, loop the excess thread back through the heart shape and cut away remaining threads.

3) Valentines Day Hairclips:


  • Felt – you can grab the cheapo sheets of craft felt at Walmart or Michaels, or buy the felt by the yard at a fabric store – both will work.
  • Hot glue – yep, these are no-sew!
  • Hairclips for the back.


  • First up, cut out a bunch of hearts.
  • Lifestyle Crafts sent me some heart die cuts for use with my Epic 6 machine and I knew it’d be perfect for this project. When I cut the same shape over and over and over, I like when I have a die cut to roll it through my cutter.
  • When I cut one thing, I like using my Silhouette Cameo because you don’t need a specific cartridge or die cut for just one shape. So anyways, I loved using my Epic from Lifestyle Crafts and cranking out a pile of hearts.
  • It was the first time I had used it to cut felt (normally I cut paper with it) but it worked great!

4) Fancy Flower Clips:

  • For one flower clip, you’ll need 5 larger hearts, 5 medium hearts, and one small heart.
  • I first saw this type of flower. but obviously, there was no tutorial so I had to figure it out on my own. Here’s their picture. These ones are smaller (2 inches) and mine are bigger (4 inches) but you could make them however you want. Or just buy them from them – seems like a great price.
  • So moving on, if you’re wanting to make your own….
    Place the five medium hearts on top of the 5 large hearts with their points matching up, and using a light layer of hot glue, glue it down, like so.
  • Do that for all five. Then snip the tip off of each one – I found they fit together better that way. Then place them in a circle, plop some hot glue in the middle, and shove them all together tightly.
  • Then glue a heart on top of the center so you don’t see the hot glue mess…
  • On the back, hot glue a hair clip on, then open it and hot glue on another heart (oops, I guess that means you need 12 total – I think I said 11 earlier) to cover the bottom of the clip and reinforce the attachment.
  • That’s it! You can make a pair and wear them with pigtails, or go with a single clip to hold back bangs or top of a ponytail. Anyway, they’re super cute!!
  • I love how the fold gives them tons of dimension – kinda hard to show you, but I tried – see how they kind of pop up and fill out – love that!

Valentine’s Day Crafts | Valentines Day Crafts Images

Valentine’s Day, the sweetest time of the year is just around the corner. Here is a bunch of crafty ideas that we gathered in one place to help you, your kids make their own amazing gifts. Through these Valentine’s Day craft ideas, kids can make some thing special for their classmates, teachers, grandparents, siblings, and any other special people in their lives. You can also use these crafts idea to make the gifts for your lovers on this Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids:

valentines day craft for kids
valentines day craft for kids
Valentines Day Crafts Images
Valentines Day Crafts Images

Funny, Romantic, Simple, Sweet, Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas, Images, Projects

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